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  Huizhen school, a school for primary and junior high education, is directly affiliated with Ningbo Municipal Education Commission and jointly funded by Ningbo Municipal Government, Mr Fan Hongling (a Hongkong resident of Ningbo origin) and Ningbo Huamao (Group) Holding Co., Ltd. It is located at 175, Yucai Road, Jiangbei District, covering about 40mu. Currently it has 31 classes, including 17 primary classes and 14 junior high classes. The college has more than 1400 students and a staff of 100 members.

  The school is provided with slap-up facilities such as multimedia classrooms, language labs, multimedia classrooms. There are other modern teaching facilities like the two-way closed circuit TV system, campus Internet system, which ensures its leading position among peer schools.

  The surrounding is nice here too, with a unique on-campus cultural atmosphere featuring the gardens, Huizhen stele aisle, theme sculptures and mottos of the school. It was cited as the "garden school of the city " and the "exemplary school of the city ".

  The school commits itself to the quality education which aims to promote all-round development of the students and give full play to their particular expertise, while cultivating their innovative and practical abilities. The research project "A Theoretic and Practical Research of Subject Education" carried out jointly by Ningbo Educational Research Institute and the school was listed among key brainstorm projects of Zhejiang province. The school motto of "care for others and enrich yourself " provides a good guarantee for a humane atmosphere for overall and harmonious development of students' personal quality. The overall quality of its senior high graduates is among the best in the city for three years on end. The school also strengthens computer education by providing computer courses for both primary and junior high students. Many students wo& imperial afd first prIzes iN city)wide or province-wide competitions.

  The school is energetically exploring new ways to teaching, and an education system oriented towards the future and the world has been basically developed. It has established mutual cooperation relationships with Yeli Association of Yale University, Ford School, and Hanky International School in Hong Kong. The students attend English classes from primary grade one, with expatriate teachers as oral English instructors. The school also regularly sends teachers to USA for further study. This not only helps improve their English teaching, but also helps them combine the advantages of both Western and Chinese education, keep them informed of modern educational system, and broaden their horizon and improve their teaching methods.

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